The Hatter Horizon GP Meeting

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The Hatter Horizon GP Meeting

Organised by the Hatter Cardiovascular Institute at UCL and the Lancet, The Hatter Horizon GP Meeting brings together a notable faculty of cardiovascular and diabetes experts from UCL and beyond, who will consider new horizons in diabetes management in primary care. 

Topics will include:

  • The global burden of diabetes.
  • A diabetologist's and a GP's view of new antidiabetic therapy.
  • How best to control and manage Obesity, Diabetes and Blood Pressure.
  • Diabetes & pregnancy – what I need to know.
  • Sleep apnoea: who should I refer for assessment?
  • Diabetes and CKD management – what I need to know.
  • Bariatric surgery – is diabetes curable?
  • A past NHS Medical Director reflects on his role.
  • This meeting is free to attend however attendance will be limited by the capacity of the room, and the Chairmen will allocate places to ensure a balanced mix of healthcare professionals at the event.

Please click here to register your interest in attending the event. 

For more information please visit the Website.


The Royal College of Physicians, 11 Saint Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London, NW1 4LE