Nurses Training, Practice Managers' Forum and COPD Event

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Please note, this event is more than a year old. The information shown here may be out of date.

Nurses Training, Practice Managers' Forum and COPD Event

Nurses Training

On the 19th November Catrina Donegan, Practice Nurse at Parliament Hill Surgery, and former Middlesex University Lecturer in Women’s Health, did a talk for practice nurses on “Vulva Problems, Commoner than you think!”. Catrina is a very experienced practice nurse with a specialist interest in Women’s Health and has been involved in teaching medical students, GP trainees and nurses in her specialist subject for many years.

The talk covered the importance of carrying out a full vulva inspection whilst performing cervical smears, as other, sometimes more serious conditions can be identified by being more thorough during this examination. Catrina went on to discuss three serious conditions of the vulva, namely Lichen Sclerosus, Vulva Intraepithelial Neoplasm, and vulva cancer, raising awareness amongst the audience of the signs and symptoms to look out for and the red flags in these ailments.

The talk was extremely informative, with additional handy tips and advice for example :- helping post-menopausal women through smears. The talk concluded with a short discussion on Female Genital Mutilation. There was a lot of audience participation during the session delivered in an audience friendly, informal but informative way.

Practice Managers' Forum

Camden Practice Managers held their meeting between 9.30 - 13.00.

COPD Session

The COPD session in the afternoon build on the Long-Term Conditions work in Camden, and covered all aspects of COPD care from diagnosis and management of early disease right through to management of severe disease and palliative care.

This session was led by Neel Gupta (GP lead for COPD) with John Hurst (RFH Chest Consultant), Jenni Quint (UCLH Chest Consultant) and Heidi Ridsdale (Senior Physiotherapist, Camden Community Respiratory Team).