CamEd September Event at the RCGP

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CamEd September Event at the RCGP

Topics covered will include: Financial Abuse and Exploitation, Children and Young People, QOF & Co-odinate My Care (CMC) and Non-clinical Practice staff training.

Lunch will be provided at 1pm.


Children and Young People — Afternoon

Wednesday, 25th September 2019 / 14.00pm

The next GP education session focusing on paediatrics is happening on the 25th September. These have always gone down well in the past - great feedback from attendees due to the variety of topics covered. As always it will take the form of a number of short presentations with a focus on case-based learning and a real primary care focus on a range of topics from sleep problems to obesity with some common illness presentations thrown in for good measure. Also a great opportunity to meet a few of our local paediatricians. Book your place today.



This backfill is for Camden Practices only
£250 for ONE GP PER PRACTICE for the session ONLY
£140 for ONE Practice Nurse PER PRACTICE for the session ONLY
Backfill is not available for GP Registrars

Chaperone Training and Introduction to Medical Terminology — Morning

Wednesday, 25th September 2019 / 9.00am

Chaperone Training
This is essential training for all non-clinical staff who wish to provide Chaperone services to the clinical team. It is a CQC requirement.

Introduction to Medical Terminology
This course is designed to help staff who are interested in developing and expanding their skills. It will be especially beneficial in supporting the new roles outlined in The GP Forward View Plan, in particular Workflow Optimisation, Medical Assistant Schemes and Active Signposting.


QOF and Co-ordinate My Care (CMC) — Afternoon

Wednesday, 25th September 2019 / 14.00pm

The aim of this training is to raise awareness for the new QoF measures in the GP contract for 19/20 and to help increase uptake of CMC.


Financial Abuse and Exploitation Masterclass (Level 3 Adult Safeguarding) — Morning

Wednesday, 25th September 2019 / 9.00am

Following on from our very successful Medico-Legal Masterclass last year, this year’s session will focus on Financial Abuse, one of the most prevalent forms of adult abuse in Camden.  The session will support the prevention, identification and response to forms of financial abuse and explore the principles of safeguarding and the Mental Capacity Act which underpin available support.  We will be joined by experts from Trading Standards, a DCI from Economic Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police, Age UK, Adult social care and local learning disability and Domestic Abuse leads. This is a one-off unique event and will not be repeated.

This will give you 3hrs of Level 3 Adult Safeguarding and you will receive certificates after the event for Level 3. Please disseminate amongst your practice clinical staff.

Please note: The Medico-Legal masterclass last year was fully booked, and there are only limited places available, so please do book early if you are interested in attending.



RCGP, 30 Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB