CamEd September Event at the RCGP

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Please note, this event is more than a year old. The information shown here may be out of date.

CamEd September Event at the RCGP

There will be an adult safeguarding session for GPs led by a leading UK lawyer and a Neurology and Stroke session in the morning. 

There is a Child Safeguarding Level 3 session for clinical staff and a practice staff training on Active Signposting (GPs welcome to attend too) in the afternoon.


Neurology and Stroke session — Morning

Thursday, 27th September 2018 / 9.00am

Attendees will get an overview of management of patients with neurological conditions by the Camden Neurology and Stroke Service (CNSS).

The session includes:

  • An overview of the Early Supported Discharge (ESD)/ Stroke Service and Long-term Conditions Service including number of referrals.
  • The ESD/stroke pathway: an overview of the patient journey from acute services in the inpatient setting (HASU, ASU, SRU, St Pancras Hospital inpatients) to the community setting (CNSS). We will discuss: i) the discharge pathway, ii) our response time, iii) communication with acute settings, adult social care, public health care and Stroke Association and iv) how we engage with NCL and London stroke networks and collect SSNAP data.
  • The long-term conditions pathway: an overview of the service for patients with MS, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Head Injury, Neuromuscular disease and many other neurological conditions. We will discuss the role of the neuro navigator and how we host an exercise group called Target which enables patients to access public gyms after discharge from our service.
  • Initiatives to reduce/ manage increasing number of referrals in both pathways
  • What does each discipline try to achieve and how can GPs assist when patients are under our care and when they are discharged. What would be an appropriate trigger to refer back to our service and when is referral to another service best
  • Real and challenging stories (case studies) for group discussion



This backfill is for Camden Practices only
£250 for ONE GP PER PRACTICE for the session ONLY
£140 for ONE Practice Nurse PER PRACTICE for the session ONLY
£175 for ONE Physician Associate PER PRACTICE for the session ONLY

08.30 - 09.00


09.00 - 11.15

Early Supported Discharge (ESD) overview and LTCs pathways

11.15 - 11.30


11.30 - 13.00

MDTs support, roles and responsibilities. Case studies and questions

Adult Safeguarding Mental Capacity Legal Masterclass for Healthcare — Morning
This session meets Level 3 competencies described in the Intercollegiate Document Adult Safeguarding: Roles and Competencies for Health Care Staff

Thursday, 27th September 2018 / 9.00am

This unique session is aimed at GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and allied health professionals and will focus on the Mental Capacity Act in relation to general practice and common medicolegal pitfalls. 

The session will be led by leading UK healthcare lawyer Bevan Brittan, who will give an update on the new Liberty Protection Safeguards (recently approved in the House of Commons) and what this means for your practice.

Case examples will be used to review GP responsibility in relation to capacity assessments, particularly where this involves patients with fluctuating capacity.

This session will provide:

  • A brief history of the MCA and the current position of Law Commission reforms.
  • Advice around the GP position/role in relation to certification for LPAs and capacity assessments for Deputyships.
  • Capacity assessments – particularly where the GP is not the decision maker but other professionals are requesting the GP does the assessment.
  • Fluctuating capacity – best practice in management and documentation.
  • The concept of executive capacity – in particular around self-neglecting patients.
  • End-of-life planning, advanced decisions and DNACPR post Winspear Judgement.
  • Possible ramifications of Liberty Protection Safeguards in the community and the GP role.
  • High profile cases such as Briggs v Briggs  and media representation of the medical profession.



This backfill is for Camden Practices only
£250 for ONE GP PER PRACTICE for the session ONLY
£140 for ONE Practice Nurse PER PRACTICE for the session ONLY
£175 for ONE Physician Associate PER PRACTICE for the session ONLY

Child Safeguarding Level 3 — Afternoon

Thursday, 27th September 2018 / 2.00pm

The aim of this session was to refresh and develop their child safeguarding knowledge and skills in order to competently safeguard children and young people.


Active Signposting session — Afternoon

Thursday, 27th September 2018 / 2.00pm

The NHS ‘GP Forward View 10 High Impact Actions’ has identified Active Signposting as one of the most important  changes practices can make in relation to reducing demand for GP appointments and improving clinical access.

The aim of Active Signposting is to safely channel patients to other relevant services thereby negating the need for a GP / Practice appointment.

Training  will cover clinical triage, planning for change and will introduce how to ‘Self-Referral’ using the GP Website.

Please encourage all relevant staff to attend; it may be of benefit if Admin Managers, Reception Managers and/or Practice Managers attended as implementation will involve organisational change and wider team involvement. Interested GP’s would be most welcome too!



RCGP, 30 Euston Square, London, NW1 2FB