Education Module - Frailty

Frailty & Complex Care

Dr. Stuart Mackay-Thomas is a GP at the Hampstead Group Practice and Camden CCG’s Clinical Lead for Frailty, and Dr. Dan Lee, is a Consultant Geriatrician at the Royal Free Hospital. Dr. Mackay-Thomas discusses the various definitions of frailty including how GPs might recognise a patient as ‘Frail.’ Furthermore, he discusses how GPs can navigate the complex care pathway in Camden. Dr. Dan Lee is then interviewed on the Frailty Hub Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT). He discusses how referrals to the MDT are made, the role of the MDT in delivering integrated and coordinated care, and how the MDT benefits both GPs and patients in Camden.

Comprehensive Assessment & Care Planning

In this video, Dr. Mackay-Thomas discusses Care Planning in Primary Care. Care Planning in secondary settings has been shown to have tangible benefits for patients. Dr. Mackay-Thomas covers the key components of a good care plan, and how general practitioners might navigate the health system to ensure the care plan is as effective and comprehensive as possible. Dr. Mackay-Thomas also discusses health problems pertinent to the Frail Elderly population that may be covered in a care plan.    

Prescribing for the Elderly

Dr. Mackay-Thomas discusses the importance of prescribing for the elderly. Frail Elderly patients may have different reactions to medication than other patient groups, making it vitally important that GP’s are aware of the negative implications of some medication. Dr. Mackay-Thomas covers a few types of conditions and associated medications pertaining to the Frail Elderly cohort. 


In this video, Comfort Adebayo, Safeguarding Lead for the London Borough of Camden, discusses safeguarding adults. Ms. Adebayo defines safeguarding and provides an overview of the criteria that are used to assess vulnerable adults. Ms. Adebayo provides valuable advice on how a GP might initiate a safeguarding procedure.